Special Giving Opportunities



Earnings from the general endowment of the University keep tuition costs down and help McMurry operate more efficiently by easing fluctuations in tuition income. Gifts of any size can be made to the general endowment; however, if you would like to name a portion of the general endowment, the minimum funding requirement is $25,000.


Endowed scholarships are very important to the students of McMurry University. The scholarships are often the difference as to whether or not a student is able to attend the university.

The scholarships are also important to McMurry. They help the university stay competitive in attracting top quality students and maintaining a level of enrollment that maximizes use of faculty and facilities.

Endowed scholarships are also important to many of our donors. These scholarships can be named to preserve the memory of loved ones while helping others. The scholarships can also be established for specific purposes if the donor desires. Endowed scholarships may be established with a minimum donation of $25,000. Learn more about the scholarships.

Operations, Programs and Excellence

Operations, programs and excellence endowments enhance the University’s ability to provide top quality, state-of-the-art educational opportunities for students. These endowments may be established to benefit any operational or educational area on campus. Minimum funding guidelines include:

• operations or programs an unrestricted endowment to benefit the entire operations or programs of a University division may be established for $10,000, while an endowment designated to benefit a specific department within a division requires $25,000

• excellence to enhance a program to a level of excellence that cannot be achieved through its normal budget requires an endowment with minimum funding in the amount of $1,000,000


McMurry will move to Division II athletic competition in fall of 2012. Coaching these young men and women takes a special person one who can instill pride and motivate players to compete with the best. McMurry athletes frequently attest to the positive effect McMurry’s athletic programs have had on their lives. Athletic endowments can help underwrite the costs of scholarships or operating the entire program or a specific sport. They can also supplement the salary of an outstanding coach or the athletic director. An unrestricted endowment to benefit the entire athletic program may be established for a minimum of $25,000, while an endowment to benefit a specific sport requires $50,000. To supplement the salary of an outstanding coach or the athletic director requires a minimum of $500,000 and $1,000,000 respectively.

Academic Department

The endowing of an academic department at McMurry provides the resources necessary for the department to excel. It does so by supplementing the departmental budget. Funding at the $3,000,000 minimum level will not only elevate departmental operations, but also entitle you to a naming opportunity.


Fellowships, lectureships, professorships, chairs, distinguished chairs and visiting chairs propel McMurry’s educational mission to greater heights of achievement. Each of these endowments enables the University to recruit and retain faculty members who excel in their areas of specialty and positively impact the students they teach. Specifically, these endowments provide funds to defray or supplement a designated professor’s salary, as well as his or her research and travel expenses. In addition, a lectureship may be used to establish a guest lecture or speaker series.

Minimum funding levels are:

• fellowship: $50,000
• chair: $1,500,000

School or College

McMurry’s School of Business, School of Education, School of Natural & Computational Science, School of Arts and Letters change the lives of students. An endowment helps the benefited school or college by providing the operational funds necessary to insure the best possible educational experience. The funding minimum to endow any of these academic units is $5,000,000 and includes a naming opportunity.

Facilities and Equipment

As facilities and equipment age, they need repairs and replacement. A facilities and equipment endowment can help meet or offset costs associated with such repairs or replacement. These endowments help keep the University’s physical plant in good shape and running smoothly. The minimum funding level for this endowment is 10% of the cost of the facility or equipment.

Legacy Giving

Legacy giving can help you maximize the benefits of charitable giving. You can provide current or future support for scholarships and other areas of interest to you through estate planning. The gifts will not only help McMurry but also benefit you and your family. Contact your attorney, estate planner, or McMurry for additional information on planned giving.

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