Friends Closet and C3

Friends Closet and C 3

Since 2007, the Friends Closet has been close to many students’ hearts… and stomachs. Now, a shining beacon of light emanates from a newly installed refrigerator, beckoning students to “take what you need”. Chaplain Marty CashBurless ‘78, backed by the Religious and Spiritual Life Team and other staff members, has begun an initiative to renovate the Friends Closet. “Food insecurity travels upwards with students” she says, “If 25%-33% of elementary-aged students are food insecure, they may be fed both breakfast and lunch on free programs. When they grow up and by the time they get to us, the food insecurity may still exist?”. She believes the need is critical and having the proper nutrition impacts your ability to perform well in classes. McMurry is in a good place to offer assistance to students who may not have another option. The Friends Closet is part of a set of additional aid programs that care for the basic needs students may be lacking.

Bethany Duke ‘22, a member of the Religious and Spiritual Life Team and member of Alpha Psi Alpha social club (AYA), has spent a lot of time helping the Friends Closet initiative and brainstorming other opportunities. During Bethany’s freshman year, she hit a few moments where she had no other options for a meal. She knows there are many students who cannot afford food or nice clothing. “Life happens and sometimes you just can’t make it work,” she said, “The Friends Closet is cool, because there isn’t anyone who judges you for using it. It’s accessible, and people use it because of that.” The new shelving, refrigerator, and updated stocking methods have helped make the closet more inviting.

Bethany has spent time with AYA, the social club of the founder of the Friends Closet, doing some campus fundraising for the Closet, but she is particularly excited about the rollout of C 3, (“Campus Clothes Closet)”. Knowing that students would need food, the next step was addressing a professional clothing need. They have a list of items that can be donated to this Closet, but they also hope to form partnerships with local stores for discount purchasing opportunities.

These campus resources are the first building blocks to helping students meet needs that they may have risen unexpectedly or bridge the gap for other resources. To make your gift to the Friends closet, click the “Give” button above or visit Click the button below to find information on donations for the Campus Clothes Closet (C 3).

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