Educating Deserving Students

Carl Childers

A desire to help rural students, a love of McMurry University, and a deep respect for his heritage led Carl Childers ’76 to establish an endowed scholarship that will benefit students and honor his family name. 

Beginning next year, high school students from Nolan County, Texas - with a first preference for Roscoe High School students - will be eligible for the Childers Endowed Scholarship, thanks to Childers. 

Childers wants to help these graduates get a college education. And, he wants to help the university that numerous Childers family members attended.

“Hopefully by doing this,” Childers said, “I am helping Roscoe and other rural students and McMurry students at the same time.”

Childers wasn’t born in Roscoe and doesn’t live there, “but I will,” he said, because of his family roots and love of the community. During his career, Childers, was a high school coach and math teacher.

“Education has always been a large part of my life,” he said.

McMurry, too, played a big part in Childers’ life. In addition to getting his degree at McMurry, Childers also developed lifelong friendships. 

By establishing a scholarship fund to help future students, Childers is continuing a legacy of giving that he inherited from his grandfather, Dr. James Wells Young, Sr., who wrote a book about his years as a country doctor titled, “It All Comes Back.” 

Young was born in 1880, and if McMurry had existed then, he no doubt would have enrolled. Instead, his three children and three grandchildren attended McMurry. 

Childers’ association with McMurry started with his mother, the late Lady Iona Young Childers, who attended McMurry before graduating from the University of Texas. Known by her nickname of “Jane,” she died in 2002 at the age of 83. She previously served on the McMurry board of trustees.

The sale of a piece of property in Roscoe made it possible for Childers to establish the scholarship, and he plans to add to it annually so more rural students, like those from Roscoe, will benefit. 

By helping future students attend the university that put him on the road to success, Childers in a sense is writing a sequel to his grandfather’s book, “It All Comes Back.”