Educating Future Generations

Alicia Lohberger

Alicia Lohberger ’06 fell in love with education while she was a student at McMurry University. As a young alumna, she regularly donates to the University to which she credits much of her professional success. 

After graduating, she began her journey as a third grade teacher at an elementary school outside of Canyon, Texas. According to Lohberger, her leadership and involvement at McMurry prepared her to become the elementary’s grade level leader and chair of the Mentor Team. In her third year of teaching, she was named Teacher of the Year. 

“McMurry is the foundation of where I started and it’s a place I really believe in,” Lohberger said. “I choose to donate to the University because there are students there with the same dreams and goals that I once had, and although giving back is only a small part, I believe in supporting things that make a difference.”  

For Lohberger, supporting McMurry through monthly donations is how she continues to show her gratitude for the University and individuals who helped shape her career. For the University that once supported her as an undergraduate, she has now chosen to reciprocate that support in her alumna years.

While at McMurry, Lohberger volunteered and was a leader in numerous student organizations and community projects. She is currently pursuing her Masters in School Counseling and hopes to make an impact on her community’s teachers, students and families, much like McMurry has made an impact on her. 

“I credit McMurry for making these opportunities a reality for me, especially through mentors like Dr. Perry Kay Haley-Brown and Mrs. Ann Spence. Leaders like these create a mindset of servanthood and excellence that are founding principles for McMurry students to live and learn by,” said Lohberger. 

“I had the privilege to learn from instructors who took the time to invest individually in their students,” Lohberger said.  “My guiding principle as a teacher is that education is about seeking and acknowledging the value and unique strengths in every learner. This mindset was the foundation of my education at McMurry and is evident in every classroom.” 

It is with her continued support of the University that Lohberger is investing in current McMurry students and following her principles by acknowledging the value and unique strengths of McMurry students. 

“I have always known that my journey as an educator began and was shaped during my college years,” Lohberger said. “I know McMurry makes a difference in people’s lives, and I want to be a part of that.”