Big Memories

Luke Ragsdale“I just feel like they gave me so much. I want to give back.”

Those words almost jump out of Luke Ragsdale’s ('02) mouth as soon as the conversation turns to McMurry and the professors he studied under. A 2002 graduate with a political science degree, Ragsdale now practices law in Roswell.

He began giving to McMurry back when $50 a year was all he could afford. He knew that someday he could give more, but it was important to make that start. Now a successful attorney with his name in the firm’s title, Ragsdale hasn’t backed down from that commitment.

Ragsdale cites numerous reasons for his love of McMurry—the diversity of student activities, the stimulating classroom discussions, and the first-rate faculty, to name a few.

Though all were extremely important to him, the basis for Ragsdale’s commitment to McMurry is that he “grew up.” “Going to McMurry really helped me discover who I was and I grew from a teenager to an adult,” he said.

Once Ragsdale left his comfort zone at McMurry, he quickly discovered that he was well prepared academically for the rigors of law school at Texas Tech University. Political Science Professors like Dr. Paul Fabrizio and Dr. Tina Bertrand made sure of that.

Now that Ragsdale is established, married and the father of a three-year-old daughter, he is able to give more. But it all started with the habit he established years ago, back when his love of McMurry was fresh on his mind. As he loves to say, “I took so much from the school—I enjoy giving back.”