The McMurry Fund

By designating your gift to one of the McMurry Fund areas of support, you join hundreds of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty, and staff who make the McMurry experience possible. Your contribution quite literally keeps the doors open and the lights on. The McMurry Fund creates a versatile, vital resource for the university’s continued operation and growth. Unrestricted money is utilized to benefit student financial aid, technological improvements, our excellent faculty, and many other university needs. These annual gifts are an indication of the pride you show for McMurry. Gifts to the McMurry fund go to work immediately, ensuring more students achieve their goal of becoming McMurry University graduates. The cost of a McMurry education is not fully covered by tuition – all students benefit from the generosity of donors, and not a single student at McMurry University graduates without having been touched in some way by annual gifts, whether through direct scholarship or indirect campus improvements and increased faculty resources. Annual gifts made to the McMurry Fund change lives, every single day.

Beyond your gift, each alumni donation is an important factor in the givings of corporations and foundations. The percentage of alumni support demonstrates to corporations and foundation that our alumni believe in McMurry University. High alumni support encourages corporations and foundations to join in with their support as well. Alumni support is also a factor used to measure McMurry’s success and rankings in U.S. News and World Report which is important to potential students and their parents. These rankings are directly correlated to the value of a McMurry degree.

Designate Your Gift

While gifts to the McMurry Fund Greatest Area of Need are our highest priority and provide us with the flexibility to use funds where they are needed most, you can also choose to designate your gift to an area meaningful for you.

  Greatest Area of Need

  Faculty Support

  Jay-Rollins Library

  Student Scholarships

  Community Commitment

  McMurry Might

For more information please contact:
Ashlee Bradford
Director of Leadership Annual Giving
1 McMurry University #938
Abilene, Texas 79697