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COVID-19 is impacting individuals around the world and close to home. At McMurry University, our students are no exception. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to get the support they need during this time, but your generosity increases our capacity to assist students who have a severe need for financial aid. Raven ’24 is a perfect example of the power of donors.

“I was a victim of childhood abuse and had no way of knowing I’d get out of my hard family life. When I moved to Abilene, McMurry became my beacon of hope. I worked hard in my high school, got good grades, and kept asking questions to find out how I could become a student at McMurry. It was easy to think about giving up before I got here, but the admissions and financial aid departments made it impossible for me to give up; they treated me like family should. McMurry has shown me grace and support, and my dream of becoming an Occupational Therapist is that much closer. Enrolling as an independent minor, I would not be here without donor support, as over 75% of my tuition is covered by loans and scholarships. Your gifts have made all the difference in my life and I can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait for the day I will be able to impact another student’s life in this way. I love McMurry, and its donors are my family.”

— Raven ‘24

Your gift, no matter the size, is the difference between someone getting the opportunity to have the McMurry experience or going home. Will you join our family of donors today?

For more information please contact:
Ashlee Bradford
Director of Leadership Annual Giving
1 McMurry University #938
Abilene, Texas 79697

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