McMurry University Theatre Season Project

McMurry Theatre is growing! The program has successfully been recruiting bright talent to bring light to our stage. Because of the surge in department size, we have relaunched the McMurry Summer Theatre Season, revived the McMurry Theatre Homecoming Musical, and are resuming our participation in the Christian University Theatre Festival. Our mission is to produce quality theatrical presentations in Abilene that continues to keep our students in the spotlight and provide the best educational opportunities available. With this amount of growth, we’ve illuminated a need for our students. The donations we receive will go directly towards McMurry Theatre students as they spend their time creating meaningful art that enriches, inspires, educates, and entertains our campus, Abilene, and the Big Country.

Your gift to McMurry Theatre department will offer enhanced opportunities for our students, support the production of all of our shows, assist with travel expenses, and enhance the student experience of each department member, while keeping McMurry Theatre productions accessible to all of Abilene.

You can help our students light up the stage by making your gift through the "Give" button now.

For more information please contact:
Kerry Goff ‘10
Visiting Instructor of Theatre
Department Chair
1 McMurry University #68
Abilene, Texas 79697

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